Why getting pregnant before 21 years is not such a good idea!

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Deciding to get pregnant is a serious life decision and should not be entered lightly. Additionally getting pregnant before 21 years can cause many complications in your life.

Remember, do the right thing at the right time in your life! Achieve the maximum that you can in your life!

Here are some reasons why you should think twice before getting pregnant before the age of 21 years

1) Maternal and infant health issues – health issues impact both the mother and the unborn child. In many instances the mother’s body is not mature enough to bear a child and this can lead to many complications, including stillbirths, and miscarriages. This is especially true in the care of mothers who are below the age of 19 years. Additionally infants born to mothers below the age of 21 years may be underweight.

The well being of the mother and the child are of special concern. The mother must be protected and provided all necessary care so that she is healthy and in turn can give birth to a healthy infant.

2) Do you have the necessary parenting skills – Rearing an infant is very demanding both physically and emotionally. Very young mothers and fathers may not be mature enough to cope with the stressors of rearing an infant. They might not have the skills to support the infant and themselves through this time period.

3) Are you in a stable, strong and positive relationship? While some young couples who get pregnant might be in stable, strong and positive relationships others might not be in such such relationships. If the pregnant mother is single and unmarried there are social, economic and emotional considerations to take into account. It is possible that single, unmarried mothers don’t get the support they need from their partner. Additionally they maybe looked down upon by their community. These factors cause additionally stressors for the young pregnant mother.

4) Do you have the necessary life skills? Ask yourself if you have the necessary skills to find employment, to find a suitable home for your child and to provide for the well-being of your child and the family. The answers that you give will help you determine if you are ready to have a child.

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