Tips on how to avoid giving into pressure to start a sexual relationship

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Learn to listen to your instincts and develop the skill to anticipate things. In our society it is mainly the boys who will make a suggestion to the girls to start a sexual relationship. Of course this can happen the other way around as well. So both boys and girls must learn to listen to their instincts and develop their skill to anticipate things. If you feel that a relationship or conversation is heading in a direction that you are not comfortable with, be calm and take appropriate action to diffuse the situation.

Sometimes you might feel that you really want to start a sexual relationship. Ask yourself, if this person really loves me and respects me, will they make this kind of suggestion?

2) Learn to stand up for what you believe is right and express your thoughts assertively- If you don’t want to start a sexual relationship learn to stand by your principles. Explain your principles clearly and assertively without upsetting or hurting the other person.

3) Avoid situations that can pressurize you into having a sexual encounter altogether – Avoid going to places where only the two of you are together and there is no one else around. Even when you go out to spend some time together, choose places where there are other people. The chances of being pressurized into having a sexual encounter are lessened when there are other people around.

Remember, do the right thing at the right time in your life! Achieve the maximum that you can in your life!

4) Be aware of the place you are meeting beforehand – when you decide to meet somewhere be aware of where you are going. Know what type of places it is. For example some teens say that they agreed to go to a restaurant but when they arrived at the place that it turned out to be a rest house. If you need to go somewhere to spend time together choose places that you know, that you have gone before and that you are comfortable with.

5) Build your skills to offer appropriate alternatives – If you are uncomfortable doing something develop your skills to offer appropriate alternatives. For example if someone asks you to go to a restaurant you don’t know, offer instead to play a game of badminton after classes.

If you have been abused sexually report to your nearest police station. If you need immediate medical attention please go to your nearest Government hospital.
Remember to report the sexual abuse to the hospital police. You can also call the National Child Protection Authority on 1929 if you want to make a complaint. This is a toll-free,24-hour telephone line dedicated to taking complaints.These organizations are there to support you.
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